Visual Intelligence on drones

Using smart computer vision algorithms for the automation of small drones

Computer Vision plays an important role in in the automation of small drone applications. Computer Vision can e.g. be used to navigate small drones based on camera images, allowing the drone to e.g. automatically follow the shape of a structure. The following products are being developed for navigation based on objects, structures and lines:

  • Trailing along the shape of objects, such as cables or wind turbines

  • Following structures in the landscape as roads, waterways and railroads

  • Following a moving object

  • Positioning relative to an object

We also develop methods to extract information from video images, for example from footage of a specific area. The information extracted can be of a wide range, a few examples:

  • Locating people in natural areas

  • Recognizing and counting of numbers of objects or animals

  • Recognizing persons

Field trails of our products are performed on a regular basis. Field trails for the application on small unmanned aircraft systems take place in cooperation with an approved Operator Organization for RPAS.

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