IDI works intensely on solutions that allow for social responsible application of small drones in a safe and secure manner.
Our solutions are sometimes software, sometimes hardware, but often a combination of the two. We currently focus on the following solutions:

  • For the "last mile delivery" of small medical goods, we develop a small transitional drone that can deliver goods at remote and hard to reach locations .
  • To enable for safe and secure operations with small drones in the Netherlands, we develop  an app that allows users to check if it is safe and permitted to fly a drone at a location, and that also allows for air space deconfliction.
  • For the annual inspection of waterways in the Netherlands we develop computer vision algorithms that allow small camera equipped drones to follow linear structures in the landscape (such as roads and canals), in support of the Water Boards.

Our broad collection of solutions is characterized by an inherent optimization of Intelligence and applicability, against a high level of cost efficiency.

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