Automated Pointing System

The automated pointing system consists of two parts, a small box and a pointing (aiming) system . Both make use of GPS information. Setting-up and operating the system is simple :

  • set-up the pointing system and switch it on
  • switch the small box on

The pointing system then points to the small box. If the small box is moved around, the targeting system pans and tilts such that it remains aimed at the small box.

The pointing system can be used for multiple types of applications, such as

  • pointing a directional antenna
  • ponting a video camera

These applications are briefly discussed below.

Pointing a directional antenna

A directional antenna allows for a significant increase of distance between a transmitter and a receiver (range) when compared to a default omi-directional antenna . The only prerequisite is that the directional antenna should Always be pointed in the direction of the system with which it should be connected, e.g. WiFi router. The automated pointing system can provide atomatic alignment for a directional antenna; when the small box is connected to the system it shold point on, the directional antenna points automatically to the system. If the system then moves , the pointing system will ensure that the focus remains on the system.

An example of an application lies in the area of small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) ; with a directional antenna it is possible to increase the range between a ground station and the flying part of theUAS. While the system is flying all sorts of maneuvers, the directional antenna points to the flying system. This increases the range for your data and/or control link, and allows you to significantly improve functionality whilst reamining within the allowed limits of unlicensed frequencies and transmission power.

Pointing a video camera

The automatic targeting system can also provide valuable in the making of video recordings of a moving subject , such as

  • a person, such as your child during a sports
  • an object, such as a small unmanned aircraft system (UAS)

If the subject moves, the pointing system will ensure that the camera pans and tilts along with the subject of attention. As a result, the video camera at all times remains pointing to the moving object.

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