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Additional expertise

There is so much more to know

Next to our main focus points at IDI, we have performed a large amount of reseach and/or have protoypes ready in many areas of small drone applications and enabling technolgies. As an example:
  • SLAM
    To allow for navigation of small drones in indoor or other GPS denied and deprived enviroments we have done extensive research on on-board 3D model creation and positioning for small drones.
  • Rapid prototyping CNC rig
    For the production of small drone spare parts in developing countries we develop a deployable cutting/milling machine that allows for easy production of structural elements in a rapid and cost-effectively manner.
  • Automated Pointing System
    In order to cost efficently extend the range of low cost data links, we have developed an automated pointing system that can easily be equiped with a directional antenna.
We have many more areas in which extensive research has been performed. This allows us to develop well though up solutions that are a step ahead of the competition.

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